Nowadays, drivers are completely focused on boosting the performance of their high-end Audi with the help of external accessories. That is why there is an increase in demand for high-performance tires & wheels which play a significant role in giving your Audi the much-needed boost in performance you are looking for.

Most Audi drivers are unaware of the ways performance wheels & tires help their vehicles. Here in this article, we will discuss the impact of performance wheels and tires on your Audi’s handling & performance.

Benefits Of Performance Wheels & Tires

Best Traction & Handling

One of the best things about using high-performance wheels and tires in your Audi is that the kind of improved traction and performance you are going to experience will be unmatched by anything else you had previously in your car.

Generally, your high-end car comes equipped with tires that are good for your daily driving needs, however, if you are looking for high-grade performance from your Audi then these general tires won’t serve your purpose and you have to make a switch to high-performance tires for your vehicle.

High-performance tires are manufactured in such a way that they will grip the road very firmly and this provides you with improved traction performance even in wet driving conditions. This will enhance the acceleration, braking, and cornering capability of your Audi and you will experience this change while driving your car.

The wider wheels make it possible to install wider tires in Audi and if you have a tuned engine under the hood then it will act as an additional bonus to boost the performance of the vehicle.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Among the various advantages associated with using performance wheels & tires in Audi, perhaps the biggest benefit that you are going to get is in terms of increased fuel efficiency in your vehicle. The biggest misconception that most drivers harbor in their minds is that using upgraded wheels & tires will adversely affect the miles per gallon of their luxury car.

However, this misunderstanding needs to be cleared right away because equipping your Audi with performance wheels and tires is going to give a boost to your car’s fuel mileage and you will be able to save a significant amount of money because you will be doing fewer rounds of the filling station.

Besides that, you might be surprised to know that the factory-manufactured wheels are cast wheels that are quite heavy and would lead to higher consumption of fuel. However, when you are using performance wheels that are light in weight then your Audi would consume less fuel because less amount of energy is required to spin the wheels.

Boost In Braking Performance

The braking performance of your high-end car plays a stellar role in the smooth running and better performance of your luxury car. That is why when you install high-performance wheels and tires in Audi then you are giving the brakes of your car more power for better handling & stopping of your vehicle.

The performance tires provide improved gripping conditions to the brakes of your vehicle due to which the braking performance increases significantly. Especially, the improvement in braking performance of your vehicle will be evident when you are driving around corners.

In addition to this, most drivers are concerned about driving during adverse weather conditions because this is when the braking performance reduces drastically. However, with performance wheels & tires, the braking ability of Audi will remain the same during all weather conditions.

Enhances Longevity

Well, every component in your luxury vehicle has a lifespan and needs to be replaced in due time for the smooth running of the car. The problem with factory-manufactured parts is that they are not meant for rough and tough conditions and when you put your car through extreme performance then the parts start to wear out prematurely.

That is why switching to performance wheels and tires is a welcoming change for your Audi because then the longevity of your wheels and tires increases tremendously and this is definitely a great advantage.

Where To Get These Installed

Now, the biggest challenge lies in properly installing these high-performance wheels and tires in your Audi. That is why getting in touch with a certified mechanic for installing these after-market parts because if these parts are installed improperly then it can cause trouble for your Audi.

Franklin Automotive Performance Will Install The Parts

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