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We’re the Birmingham auto shop specializing in performance enhancement for Subaru vehicles that you can trust! Our unwavering commitment to quality work and precision pins us to the map as the most equipped auto shop in town to transmute your Subaru into a high-performance pinnacle suited to your lifestyle and driving demands.

Birmingham’s Audi Performance Experts

Even among luxury cars, Audi vehicles are known for being at the cutting edge of technology, interior comforts, & high-quality performance. Part of owning an Audi vehicle is being able to customize your car’s performance with upgrades or modifications that suit your style or interests.

Choosing Franklin For Your Subaru Upgrades

We’ve spent years mastering the mechanics of Subaru’s illustrious vehicles in all contexts. Our techniques leverage the newly available technology of aftermarket parts to express our deep passion for delivering excellence to the Subaru drivers in Birmingham with customized performance upgrades that enhance horsepower, handling, and stand-out aesthetics.

Cutting Edge Facility: Everything in our shop is of the highest caliber regarding what’s available for upgrading Subarus. The tools we have make us capable of performing complex modifications that the other shops in town don’t even dream of.

Vetted Technicians: Our ASE-certified technicians are specialists in the Subaru field after having been rigorously trained to conduct performance enhancements that you can rely on to maintain your car’s value and drastically increase its capabilities.

Tailored Performance Solutions: Turbo upgrades, suspension tuning, exhaust makeovers; our bespoke modifications cater to however you want to drive, wherever you want to go. Come to us as any sort of Subaru driver, and we’ll ensure that you can get your car to perform the way you always dreamed it would.


Elite Services for Subaru Upgrades

We conduct a range of necessary services to increase the performance of your Subaru model, including tighter handling and horsepower boosts. Our comprehensive services designed to maximize the potential of your cherished Subaru include:

Turbochargers: We install, upgrade, and tune up turbocharger systems so you can get everything out of those incredible Subaru engines they’ve got.

Suspension Modification: Whether you’re looking for sport racing or voyaging out into the wilderness, we’ll curate a suspension system that gracefully suits your needs.

Exhaust System Upgrades: We can enhance your Subaru’s performance and give it that sonic tone that drives you wild.

Custom Tuning: Utilizing the most modern software, we’ll get your ECU to serve you with optimized performance that can handle any driving conditions you wish.

Subaru’s Grandiose Legacy

Subaru is a brand that blends the spectrum of automotive capability. They’re known for taking people on adventures to places they never thought they could, like snow mountains or rugged backwoods, as well as winning medals at the racetrack. Famous for their boxer engines and robust builds, Subarus are perfect for people who crave both off-road and city voyages.

Rallying Heritage: Subaru has been a champion of rally racing throughout its automotive legacy. Its superior handling and durability have made it a go-to for tight-corner racers around the globe.

AWD Technology: Subaru is one of the brands that pioneered all-wheel drive in passenger vehicles, enhancing its off-road capabilities in all sorts of weather conditions.


Can Franklin Automotive install better turbo systems in my Subaru WRX?

Yes, our specialties include turbo upgrades that provide a higher capacity turbocharger, increasing your acceleration and overall speed. An upgraded turbo system will ensure that more fresh oxygen gets into the engine so that the pistons always have plenty to fire as needed.

How can I improve my Subaru’s handling for better performance on mountain roads?

The best way to go about this is tuning your suspension system by installing coilovers and sway bars so taking corners is more stable. We use parts from all the top aftermarket part companies, such as APR, Unitronic, AWE, Milltek, Maxton Designs, Silly Rabbit Motorsports, H&R Springs, ECS Tuning, TGK Motorsports, and Integrated Engineering.

What kind of performance wheels and tires do you recommend for my Subaru Outback?

For Subaru Outbacks, we recommend lightweight alloy wheel sets and all-terrain tires so they look good and can perform wherever you need them to.

Performance Parts & Tuning Solutions For Your Subaru

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Enhance the way you experience your drive with our bespoke Subaru upgrades. This shop’s expert-level team of specialists will unleash the capabilities your Subaru was meant to show off. Visit us, and we can discuss what your goals are so we can transform your car to serve whatever function you wish, whether it be taking on the rough terrain of the natural world or the competitive paved roads of the race track. With a commitment to quality unmatched by any shop in town, we stand firm as the ultimate in serving the community for any of their Subaru Performance needs. Our Southern hospitality and hard-working American spirit will have your car running like never before and you coming back for years.
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