Are you a Porsche owner and wondering what an IMS bearing is and how it can affect your car’s performance? Jump in, let’s explore this component. A failing intermediate shaft bearing is one issue that many Porsche owners, especially those with cars made in the late 1990s, often talk about.

This small car part, usually made of steel, plays a big role in keeping parts of the engine working together perfectly. It ensures that the two important shafts in your Porsche engine, the crankshaft and camshaft are able to move in sync. This sync is needed for the engine to run smoothly, letting the valves open and close at the right times. However, this small part doesn’t always last as long as it should in some Porsche models. When it wears out or breaks, it can cause big problems for the engine.

How Do You Know It’s The Bearing?

  • Metal Shavings in the Oil: When you change your Porsche’s oil, look for metal particles mixed in with the old oil. These shavings can range from fine powder to small flakes. Their presence suggests that metal components within the engine, possibly the IMS bearing, are wearing down. The metal-on-metal contact that causes these shavings is a clear indicator of internal issues.
  • Unusual Noises: Listen for any sounds out of the ordinary coming from your engine. This could be a metallic grinding, a deep rattling, or any noise that seems different from the normal engine hum. These sounds might become more noticeable when the car is idling or during a quiet stop. It’s the engine’s way of signaling that something is wrong internally, possibly with the IMS bearing.

How Does The Failure Of The IMS Bearing Affect Your Porsche?

Since we already know what the bearing does, let’s talk about its impact.

  • Engine Performance Is Reduced: The moment you start noticing that your Porsche responding more slowly or just not running as smoothly as it used to, then it means there is most likely a problem with the engine, and it might be a failure in the IMS bearing. This reduction in performance should not be ignored because it can lead to the next problem we would take about.
  • Increased Risk of Engine Damage: If you continue to drive your Porsche even after you see signs of a failing IMS bearing, then you should be prepared for the worst. A failed bearing increases the possibility of severe engine damage and this can be more expensive to repair.
  • Less Reliable: If your car is one of those prone to IMS bearing failure, it can make your Porsche less reliable as a daily driver. This can further impact your confidence in the vehicle’s performance.

What You Should Do When Your IMS Bearing Fails

The key to managing IMS bearing failure is early detection and intervention. Here’s how:

  • Regular Inspections: Take your car to a trusted mechanic for inspection. Make sure the mechanic is experienced in handling problems that occur in high-performance vehicles like Porsche.
  • Upgrade the Bearing: If you drive one of the models that are known to have this issue, you should think about upgrading the bearing to a stronger and more durable one. Some of the aftermarket solutions are reliable, but it’s better to let your mechanic determine where to purchase a good bearing. The only option you have when it comes to fixing a bad bearing is to replace it, you cannot repair this component. So whether you want to do an upgrade or replace a damaged bearing, quality should be top of your consideration.

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